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Sun, Jul 15, 2018
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56 mins 50 secs
In this study we begin to look at the parables of Jesus. Many people wonder why Jesus spoke in parables instead of always giving clear and concise teachings. In this introductory study to the eight parables in chapter 13, we’ll attempt to answer this question and others.
Sun, Jul 01, 2018
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1 hr 1 mins 7 secs
In this study we’ll talk about some of the objections to the existence of Hell. Then we’ll talk about the Reality of Hell. And finally we’ll consider the Implications if there is no Hell.
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
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47 mins 2 secs
We can be related to people that are loving, kind, good, patient, gentle, and joyful. We can be related to people with the character traits we would like to have in our brothers and sisters. God will allow us to choose our family. If we are willing, we can have Jesus Christ as our brother, which would also make us the adopted sons and daughters of God.
Sun, Jun 17, 2018
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46 mins 32 secs
The poet George Herbert once said, "One father is worth more than a hundred schoolmasters." In a politically charged age like ours, some would have us believe a father's presence is unnecessary. They're wrong. No role is more vital -- or important -- than a dad's. Family Research Council
Sun, Jun 03, 2018
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54 mins 28 secs
Jesus responds to the scribes and Pharisees for their evil request for a sign. It’s a passage that clearly demonstrates that nothing can satisfy religious hypocrites. And it shows the proud will reject even obvious truth if it will require them to be humble.
Sun, May 27, 2018
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55 mins 40 secs
If we want to be living lives that are pleasing to God, we need to take a look on the inside and not just try to reform the outside. For the outward actions to change in a lasting way, the heart attitudes also need to change.