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Sun, Sep 30, 2018
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50 mins 53 secs
Gerhard Du Toit is back with us after having been disabled for several months with severe back problems to share with us the good news that God is in control and the Holy Spirit is still active in our lives to help us to live for Jesus.
Sun, Sep 23, 2018
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The compassion of Christ comes in many forms – sometimes in forms we don’t expect. In our story today, we see it in at least three forms. First we see it in the form of Jesus teaching the crowd that had gathered because they obviously were going about life wrong and needed to learn how to start doing it right. Then we see Christs compassion in the meeting of immediate physical needs. And then He shows His compassion for His disciples by testing them, so they might learn that Jesus is really able to meet every need.
Sun, Sep 16, 2018
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56 mins 15 secs
What you believe and what you do not believe are very important. God has revealed Himself to all mankind through nature (what we call general revelation) and the Scriptures (or special revelation). For the Christian unbelief will bring about consequences in the loss of joy and peace in this life and loss of reward in eternity to the extent they do not believe all that God has said and live according to it. Belief in the things God tells us, though, will result in all the blessings of heaven, though they may require great sacrifices here on earth. John the Baptist and Herod the Tetrarch provide two great lessons on both sides of this concern.
Sun, Sep 09, 2018
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57 mins 1 sec
John & Kimberly Calhoun of In The Field Ministries and Coral Fife and Tiffanie Goebel of Ensenada Christian Ministries give an update on the their recent trips to Uganda, Afrcia and Ensenada, Mexico
Sun, Sep 02, 2018
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1 hr 5 mins 56 secs
The Bible and the Christian faith is challenged routinely by unbelievers and sceptics. Are there answers to the many alleged problems in the scriptures? In this study we examine the many mistakes people make as they seek to find contradictions and errors in the scriptures and inconsistencies to the Christian faith. As we do we answer many of the accusations that have been made over the years showing that the Bible is trustworthy and that the Christian faith is the only reliable source of eternal peace and satisfaction.
Sun, Aug 26, 2018
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Pretty much all our actions are based in what we believe. You will choose and do what you want based on what you believe. So be sure that what you believe is based on truth, because we will also reap the consequence accordingly, whether good or bad, and that consequence will be for eternity.