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Sun, Aug 18, 2019
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55 mins 9 secs
Jesus calls the leaders of Israel to repent of their hypocrisy in its many forms or else judgment will fall upon them. The same message applies to the leaders of the church and to those who consider themselves to be members of the church. Repentance needs to happen in the church if we ever want it to spread outside the church.
Sun, Aug 11, 2019
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59 mins 30 secs
In this section, Jesus speaks to His disciples and the multitudes about lives that are characterized by hypocrisy and lives that are characterized by humility. In His usual witty way, He denounces the wisdom of the world and shows us the way to true greatness and blessing
Sun, Aug 04, 2019
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52 mins 20 secs
What is your greatest need in this life? Is it to solve your family problems, or your relationship problems, or your financial problems, or your health problems, or your job problems? Our greatest need is not to solve any of these particular problems, which are really only symptoms of an even greater eternal problem. This study examines this greater eternal problem and how solving this problem will help us to deal with all the others.
Sun, Jul 28, 2019
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1 hr 20 mins 6 secs
Gerhard DuToit gave the church an update on his ministry, his health and gave the church a teaching on the Lord's prayer encouraging everyone to seek the Lord daily, with a special emphasis on the spiritual health of our children as they get older.
Sun, Jul 21, 2019
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53 mins 41 secs
When looking at the Bible and thinking about living to please God, sometimes, with the many commands we read, it seems like pleasing God is extremely complex. But Jesus simplifies matters for us and summarizes and distills all the Biblical commands down to just two. This study examines those two commands and explains why they are the two greatest priorities we can have in life.
Sun, Jul 14, 2019
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58 mins 29 secs
John, Amy, Shayla, and Josiah Beiter went to Uganda for two weeks this summer to join up with John and Kimberly Calhoun and assist them in the ministry there.
Sun, Jul 07, 2019
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56 mins 52 secs
Are miracles possible? It would seem the only way to know for sure would be to first decide whether or not God exists. If evidence is available to establish the existence of God, then miracles are automatically possible. This study examines the classic arguments against miracles and shows that miracles are not only possible but probable.
Sun, Jun 30, 2019
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57 mins 14 secs
The resurrection of the dead is a doctrine that seems unbelievable to many people. But it was not unbelievable to Jesus. He supported His belief to those who challenged it by appealing to the Word of God and to the power of God. We can defend the teaching by doing the same.
Sun, Jun 23, 2019
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47 mins 36 secs
When his enemies sought to trap him, Jesus showed his followers, including us, a balanced allegiance to earthly authorities and to our ultimate Heavenly Authority. We give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, and we give back to God...our very selves!
Sun, Jun 16, 2019
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54 mins 16 secs
Godly Fathers Needed! - Deuteronomy 6:1-9